Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Zoo Trip

The weekend after the Gospel meeting was spent trying to rest and recover from our busy week. We had planned to take a trip the week after our Gospel meeting so we knew we needed to relax!

So the Monday before our trip and after the meeting, Chloe Jo and I packed up and went to the zoo with Aunt Chelle, cousin Brianna, cousin Brenson and their Meme (my BIL's mother). We had a fun day and the weather was perfect for a zoo trip! Unfortunately many of the animals were inside due to their cages being cleaned and some maintenance, but the ones we did see were fun!

As always, the giraffes were a favorite. I just love watching them! They are so tall and lanky, but yet so graceful at the same time.

The girls have so much fun together...er, when they aren't bickering.

I thought this poor little "ugly duckling" was hilarious. He even acted depressed. HA! You know he (I say "he" like I know) will be just as beautiful as the rest of them when he grows up!

It seems like every time Chloe Jo and I go to the zoo we miss the sea lion show. We are there at the wrong time or there are so many people that we can't see. This time, we made sure to be there at the right time and as an added bonus, the zoo wasn't crowded that day so there was plenty of seating for everyone who wanted to sit! The show was well worth it!

After the sea lion show we decided to ride the train. We had to wait awhile for it to come around so we took the opportunity to snap a few more pictures. I don't have them all because many of them were taken on my sister's camera and I haven't had the time to get them.

After riding the train we went to see the elephants. Chloe Jo and Brianna thought this little elephant statue was cute...okay, and I did, too!

My sister snapped this picture at the perfect moment! I love that one of the elephants is reaching up to get food.

We also rode the carousel, but my sister has those pictures on her camera, too.

I'll have to be more on top of getting pictures from her!

I love having a zoo membership and highly recommend it if you have a zoo near by. It is great for a morning outing and Chloe Jo always has a fun time. The membership definitely has paid for itself!

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I Believe in Miracles said...

I love the zoo!! What great pictures. I can't believe how big your little one is getting. She's so precious.