Thursday, September 13, 2012

Visual Aids

I have been teaching the toddler Bible class for a couple of months now. I really wanted a break from teaching Bible class because I've been a teacher or a helper for several years without a break. When we moved back to the midwest in March, I had a couple of months of break and it was great. For a while. Then I started missing teaching so I am back into it and loving teaching my daughter and niece. This week has been pretty busy because we have been having a Gospel Meeting and Russ and I are housing the speaker. I was able to get one project done, though, and I am pretty happy with how it turned out.

I wanted a visual aid for when we talk about the Bible. I usually talk about the Bible and say the books of the Bible after we finish with the lesson every class time. I think it is so important for children to learn these fundamentals to help them learn how to use their Bibles properly.

I decided to make the Bible out of felt so that I could put it on the felt board. I didn't take into consideration that it would be heavy so it doesn't stick by itself, but I think I am going to add velcro to the Bible and to the felt board so it can stick.

I have never written with my sewing machine (it isn't an embroidery machine) so it isn't perfect. I still think it's going to be a fun visual for the girls!

I am excited to use my new visual! I hope the girls like it!

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April said...

what a great idea!