Sunday, September 9, 2012

Little things

Isn't it funny that when you are decorating, the smallest things make big impacts?

We have this large shelf in our house that was left by the previous owners. I really love the shelf, but I didn't really have enough to go on it so it was looking a little bit ... um, empty ... and awkward. I was wanting to make a canvas that had a verse on it, but I just hadn't gotten to it. My to-do list is pretty lengthy right now. I was shopping a few days ago and came across the canvas in the picture. I really liked it, but I wanted to think about it for a while because it was more than I usually would pay for something like that. A couple of days later I went and bought it. I also found the gray ceramic jar. Just those two pieces made the shelf look 100% better.

I was also in the Dollar Tree this week and found these adorable ceramic pumpkins. I bought a few and have scattered them around the house.

Fall weather has finally embarked upon us and I love it. I'm going to try to make a leaf garland for the fireplace sometime in the next few weeks. I'll be sure to post a picture when I get it done!

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April said...

I bought those same pumpkins at my Dollar Tree! Too funny! I have a couple of shelves in my living room like that too that I've put some stuff on. I'll have to post about those once I get the living room decorated for fall.