Thursday, September 6, 2012

Party! Party! Party!

Our Housewarming/30th Birthday Bash went off great last Saturday!

We had a great crowd and we really enjoyed getting to visit and to celebrate this new chapter that is opening in our lives.

Good fellowship!

Good food!

Good fun!

We finally took a family picture in front of our house. I've been meaning to do that since we bought the place!

I planned the party menu several weeks ago so I could start buying everything early. I think everything was yummy and we had just enough. There was enough food for everybody with little leftover.

I made tea, lemonade and my favorite red slush punch to drink.

And the food table. It doesn't look like much, but my table is pretty good and there was plenty!
In fact, we are still eating cupcakes.

 I made strawberry and funfetti cupcakes. I decided not to decorate them because I had enough to worry about without adding that to the list! Hey, they taste the same either way. We also had a veggie tray with ranch dip and cherry cheesecake dip with graham crackers.

My sister brought the apples and tofee dip (YUM!). I made the cheese ball and we had Ritz and Club crackers to go with that and the summer sausage and cheese.

I'm so grateful to my Mom who helped me prepare the food!

I'm also thankful that my parents were able to come

As well as Russ' parents

And niece, Alli.

It was HOT out, but the girls were able to play outside for a while.

Brenson Bug was content to stay inside where it was somewhat cool.

I think Russ' favorite part of the day was showing off his new helicopter.
Boys and their toys.


Melissa Jane said...

PARTIES!!! So much fun!

Naomi said...

Ooh, Cherry cheesecake dip? With graham crackers?! That sounds SO good. :)