Monday, September 24, 2012

Will Rogers

2 weeks ago, the congregation we are members of hosted a Gospel meeting. The speaker stayed with us so we were in charge of keeping him busy during the day and getting him to where he needed to be. John, the speaker, is a huge history buff so we decided to show him some of our Oklahoma history. The big deal in northeast Oklahoma is Will Rogers. He was born and raised in Rogers county and there are tons of things named after him. With this in mind, we decided to take John out to see Will Rogers' birth place and museum.

Our first stop was Will Rogers' birth place in Oologah. 

This is the house he was born in. 

Of course we couldn't pass up the opportunity for a photo!

I love traipsing through old homes and seeing a part of how people lived way back when. The tiny rocking chair is so great!

I also loved this cradle. When I explained to Chloe Jo about the spinning wheel, she didn't know what to think.

I am thankful for my modern sewing machine. Although, I would probably have nicer legs if I used this one all the time.

After touring Mr. Rogers' birth place, we headed to Claremore to the Will Rogers Museum.

Here he is in all his bronze glory.

My sister and her children joined us for the museum (her family has lived in northeast Oklahoma for several years and had never been). They had a fantastic children's museum in the basement.

The girls had so much fun playing!

The children's part was set up so cute. I especially loved this "library."

Chloe Jo really wanted to ride a horse...until I put her on this saddle. Then she wasn't so sure about it.

Brianna, on the other hand....well, you can see for yourself!

Bren was content to sit and watch those silly girls.

After the Will Rogers Museum and since we were in the area, we headed over to Catoosa to see the blue whale. For whatever reason, the blue whale is kind of a big deal. It used to be open to swim off of, but now you can't swim in the, all. People fish off of it now and several weeks ago I saw a news clip about a couple that got married at the blue whale. I know. I'm inwardly groaning, too.

"Oh no! It's going to eat"

And last, but not least, a fun picture of my girl and me! Loving the shades, CJ!

I have several more catch up posts since we were out of town last week so I should be pretty active on the ol' blog!

Have a great Monday, friends!

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