Friday, September 7, 2012

Come on Fall...any time now.

So I started putting out some Fall decor a few days ago to try to entice the weather to turn more fall-ish.

Yeah...that didn't work.

The highs for the past few days have been 104, 107, and 98.

At least 98 is cooler than the day before. :)

Funny thing: I gave my rag wreath a blowout with my hair dryer before hanging it. Worked perfectly!


April said...

I am really ready to put out my fall stuff too. It just doesn't feel like fall here yet either. But my yard is covered in leaves from one of our trees that always turns first. It's a strange feeling. LOL

Chelley N said...

A cool front is forecasted to move in tomorrow . . . break out the jackets!!!