Monday, January 23, 2012

Time to start collecting next season clothes!

Lately, I have been searching eBay and the sale racks for clothes for Chloe for the spring/summer. She has grown so much during the last few months. She was in a size 2T in September and now needs a 4T in most things. She is just getting so tall, but she isn't gaining any weight. Actually she has lost 1/2 a pound since October. I'm sure this is due to (1) her being sick during the Christmas holiday and (2) that she is so picky! Seriously, she is the pickiest eater and she would rather go without anything to eat than eat something she doesn't want. I measured and weighed her a couple of days ago.

She is 38 inches tall which makes her on the upside of the 75th percentile.
She now weighs 28 pounds putting her just above the 25th percentile.
The problem I am having with buying her some clothes for next season is the size. I've been looking for 5, 5T stuff for her to make sure the length is right, but it really irks me to have to take up every single pair of pants/shorts/skirts. Since she hasn't gained any weight, then I would have to take up 5T stuff a lot. I guess that would be fine because I can always cut the excess dart fabric off after I put the darts in. I'm just so surprised that she is in the 75th percentile for height and the 25th for weight. She is definitely a tall and skinny little thing!


Chelley N said...

Brianna isn't quite as tall and skinny as CJ and none of her pants fit either! If they fit in the waist, they are too short. If they are long enough, they won't stay up! It's frustrating!

Kari said...

I have always had the same problem with my middle daughter, she is almost 8 and still tall and thin. (not my youngest though! lol) I always got my middle daughter jeans at JC Penny. I got her the ones I could adjust the waist and in slim fit. I still have to do this but now I can get them just about anywhere. Her jeans have to be slim and have to be on the tightest setting on the waist. I am not crafty but I am thinking you could adjust the even tighter if you take their button off and sew it back farther? Just a thought. Good luck!

Kriss said...

Lisa will she drink something like ensure to help calorie intake? I would add oil olive to anything you fix her. I would also make sure she is drinking full fat milk and not 2% or lower. Will she eat avacados? Full fat yogurt? Maybe you can get her up to the 40th percentile. Just some helpful hints that helped me with my daughter.