Tuesday, January 17, 2012

How is it that my baby is turning 3!?!?

In a few short months, Chloe Jo will be turning 3! I can't believe she is already this big, but I'm looking forward to celebrating her birthday! This year is especially fun because she has been giving me input on what she would like for presents (a pink skoos bus!) and what theme she wants for her party. Right now, the theme is between:

Strawberry Shortcake
Dora the Explorer
And Elmo
I think we are leaning toward Strawberry Shortcake. Of course, she may change her mind tomorrow!

I have dreams of making her a pink, red and green tutu, a shirt with a strawberry on it and buying a pair of green and white striped leg warmers for her to wear! Oh, and of course I'm going to be making her a bow or a crown or a hat of some sort!

I have 2 more presents to buy for her (I've been getting things as I find them on sale) and I would love to find some wrapping paper with strawberries on it. I've also been looking at party supplies, but I think I'm just going to go to the Dollar Store and buy table stuff in the Strawberry Shortcake colors. And of course I'll be making a cake. I already have the cake in mind and am hoping to find a Strawberry Shortcake figure and her Cruiser to put on it. I'm so excited already about this and I don't even know if she is going to definitely go with Strawberry Shortcake, not to mention her birthday is still a couple of months away! I guess it doesn't hurt to be prepared!

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Anonymous said...

No it doesn't hurt to be prepared at all, I'm already planning Ethan's 1st and David's 3rd and they aren't until June and August...I just want to have ideas already before so it's not all last minute! Love Strawberry Shortcake btw.