Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Christmas: Part 3

This post will finally finish up the Christmas extravaganza!

We left Arkansas Tuesday morning after an awful night. Chloe Jo had gotten sick during the night and threw up 5 times in about 3 hours. We decided to get on the road anyway, but bought a few cheap towels just in case we had an accident in the car. Why is it that Chloe Jo has gotten sick the only two times we've been back to the mid-west since we moved?!?

We made it to my Mom and Dad's without any further incident. Mom was still at work so we went to see her shortly after we arrived at their house. Once she got home we ate dinner and opened presents.
Chloe Jo was thrilled with all of the Dora stuff Mom and Dad got her! My mom made her 2 Dora hooded towels and 2 Dora washcloths. She talks about them every time she sees them in the bathroom.

We spent Wednesday just hanging out at Mom and Dad's and then went to Wednesday evening Bible study. Mom teaches the 3 year old class there so I left Chloe Jo with her thinking she would stay with her G-Jo. Nope. Mom texted Dad asking for relief and then texted me. Neither of us had our phones on. She finally texted Russ and his phone went off and I had to go rescue her. I'm very sad that she wouldn't stay with her G-Jo.

Thursday morning Mom wanted me to go with her to quilt a baby blanket for Brenson. I've never been with her to do that and it was so interesting! I had a great time!
And how fun is that blanket?!? My sister is doing Brenson's room in giraffes so it is perfect for the little guy.

Later that day my sister and her family came to stay for a few days. Thus commenced our 5th present exchange. Chloe Jo and Brianna were ready to open their presents!
On Friday we hung out and visited all day. Brianna, Chloe Jo and I did a few crafty type things like watching sponges grow in water. Do you think Brianna could be any more excited about this?!?
We also played with play-doh. I love crafting with my girl and my little niecey-pie!
We also had a little family baby shower for Brenson.
I love that the girls helped each other get this gift over to Chelley and Chris! They have a very love-hate relationship. They love hugging each other, but then they also like to push each other. They will be best friends one day, though. I insist. :)
The girls are very competitive and if one of them is on G-Jo's lap (or Grampy's lap) the other thinks they need to be up there, too. I think there is always room on both of their laps for both girls.
After Sunday morning church services, my sister and her family and we all drove to Oklahoma so Russ could preach that evening for the congregation my sister is a member of. We finally left to go home Monday morning. We went home a different way than when we went to the mid-west so we ended up hitting 10 states during our 2 week vacation.

One of my favorite things on the drive home was seeing the Olympic torch in Atlanta. I am a big Olympics fan (I hope to be able to attend a competition or two one day!) so I was very excited about this!
We finally made it back home on Tuesday and we are glad to be back!

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