Sunday, March 1, 2009

The Year in Review

I realized this morning that I started this blog in February of last year. After looking back over the year and what I've written about, it's interesting to note how this blog evolved.

When I started, this blog was about my life minus a lot of the dirty little secrets. Russ was in his last semester of preaching school and I was working, trying to save money for our impending move that hasn't happened yet.

Then the blog became about my weight loss ventures. I even posted numbers. Yikes! Blogging was a great resource to motivate myself. I didn't want to blog that I had gained a few pounds. It kept me going.

A while later, I came out with my infertility. I had been getting treatments since the beginning of the blog, but I hadn't written anything about it. My personal journal moved to the internet in search of support and a way to release my frustration. I also realized that infertility is a very real thing and happens to many couples and I shouldn't be ashamed of it or the treatment we chose.

In August 2008, this blog took a flying leap into the pregnancy category. I was so excited to post a picture of my pregnancy test. I thought I would wait until everything was secure and definite, but I just couldn't and ended up posting it the day after I got my positive. There were a few downs in the first trimester, but we got through it and now we are oh-so-patiently waiting for the blog to evolve into a parenting blog.

Happy Anniversary You've been a great friend and companion over the last year.
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Elana Kahn said...

Happy blogoversary! It's so nice to see how things can change over the course of a year. Here's to manny more blog years to come!

Sarah said...

Congratulations on the baby and blog. I know that you are sooooo excited. I enjoy reading your blog. I love your scrapbook pages- hopefully I will get to borrow some of your ideas for the belly pages soon! (we are TTC)