Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Another List

Here is a list of things I would like to do while speaking with some customers:

1. Add an insanely high deposit to the account just because they are being rude.

2. Stab myself in the eye with my pen.

3. Make static noises and hang up.

4. Start humming show tunes.

5. Tell them flat out that they are being horribly rude and that I'm not going to help them.

6. Put them on hold while I take my lunch.

7. Transfer calls to the General Manager.

8. Fill out illegals on the customers. (Illegals are forms that we can fill out if the company has turned off the utilites and the customer turned them back on illegally)

9. Call the customer by the wrong name during the whole conversation.

10. Start talking about what is supposed to come on TV that night.
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Jackie. said...

#6 is my favorite.

Kriss said...

I used to be an insurance agent and let me tell you I could have written that list. Just think in a little while you will be on maternity leave and will get a nice break from rudeness and instead have cuteness!

Sasha said...

LOL - for real!! This reminds me of the Lisa I knew when we were young! I'm glad you haven't changed much :o) That list made me really miss you.

Hollie said...

Too funny! I had some seriously bad mood days during pregnancy. I hope you don't really do any of this, but it is funny to think of you doing it...