Friday, March 20, 2009

Bump Watch - 36 Weeks

Almost there. I'm starting to swell. My face and legs are swollen and I just look worn out. I had a doctor appointment yesterday. I had to have my Strep B test. I was a little nervous about it, but it was a walk in the park compared to the HSG and IUI. Doc did check my cervix and I am closed up tight. He said that nothing is going to happen for a while still, but just in case, if I do start having contractions 5 to 7 minutes apart for an hour and a half or more to come on in to the hospital. I know it's getting close to time since he is saying things like that! Russ and I are going to our first lamaze class tomorrow. We will go for the next three Saturday's. We also have the infant CPR class and I have a breastfeeding class to attend. We still have two big purchases to make. We need to buy the pack-n-play for our room and I have to get a breast pump. I may wait until after the breastfeeding class to see what they say. I know the Medela's are supposed to be the best, but I really don't want to spend that much on one. I have been researching the Lansinoh's and may just go with that.

Weight gain: 23 pounds. I have been swollen so I'm going to blame a little of that 4 pound weight gain on that. I have completely stopped working out. I do still go on walks, but I sure don't get anywhere fast. I'm just trying to stay as active as I can without being completely sore.
That's it for now. I am getting nervous and excited about Chloe joining us. My ticker is under 30 days now so it won't be long.

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Jackie. said...

I disagree! I think that you look WONDERFUL!!!!!

Can't believe that you and the doc are talking contractions. You are almost at the home plate.

Big hugs,

Melanie said...

You are almost there girlie! That is so exciting!!! I bet you can't wait to meet your little one. YAY!

Does your hospital rent out breast pumps? I know ours does so maybe that would be a way to see how it goes. I no nothing in that area but it was just a thought.

I hope all goes VERY smoothly! I think you look wonderful! You take care.

I Believe in Miracles said...

You look great!! That's so crazy at how close you are now... final stretch!!!