Monday, March 9, 2009

Interesting Day

I have been hung up on a total of 7 times today. I actually find it a little bit funny, but a little annoying at the same time. How do people expect me to be able to help them when they won't listen to what I have to say. I know I don't always have good news, but I truly do try to help people settle their accounts in a way that is good for both us and them. 7 times in one day, though? I must have had my "I'm a mean, mean person" voice on. Or maybe it's because it is getting close to a full moon. That's what my coworker told me.
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Chelley N said...

Oooh, that happens to me all the time, too. I always think, "Honey will get you further than vinegar people!"

Jackie. said...

Full moons do make people a bit crazy. It's tomorrow, right? Did you ask them if they were taking clomid? lol. That makes people wacky too. I know that never having heard your voice I have to leg to stand on but, do you actually HAVE a mean voice? It seems impossible.

Beta was zip this weekend, but that's what I expected. AF on Thursday was the first blaring clue.... Onto next cycle!

Say hi to Chloe!

Misty Dawn said...

Sorry girl, some people are so RUDE!!