Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Chloe's Christmas and Shopping Spree

First, I wanted to show you all what Chloe raked in for Christmas. She's not even here yet and already buying gifts and taking up my closet space. Of course, I'm just fine with that! I am missing a picture of one very cute Christmas item she received that I have already packed up with my Christmas stuff, but other than that this is what she got:
This is an outfit she got from my Mom and Dad. I love teal on a little girl and am so excited to get to see her in it!
This one is from my brother and his family. They are Tennessee fans (obviously) and my brother loves to give Russ a hard time because we are Razorbacks fans. I'm in need of a huge orange bow headband for her now.
My sis and her hubby bought her the horse. When you squeeze the tail, its mouth opens to reveal a flashlight and it whinnies. Too cute! My Mom and Dad gave her the froggy rattle.
I've posted before about Kohl's Cares For Kids. This quarter they are selling Dr. Suess books and stuffed animals. I have already bought all four of them! I'm running out of room on my shelf.
I did manage to stuff the last two guys that Russ and I bought tonight into the shelf. One good thing about it is that they will eventually be moving to Chloe's room! I hope she likes to read!
While at Kohl's tonight, I wanted to go look in the baby section. We have bought very few things for Chloe and I was itching to spend some cash. We made out pretty well!
Russ loved this blanket and had to buy it for her. It is extremely soft and too cute! He didn't have to twist my arm too much...
I picked this onsie up and loved it! It says "Mommy loves me" and I just think it is so sweet and cute. I put it down because it was $7.00 and I think that is a little much to pay for a onsie. Yes, I'm cheap. Anyway, I walked off and when Russ and I got up to the register he had picked it up because he knew I liked it so much. Awwww.
These were on sale and I couldn't resist them. It took me forever to pick out two that I really wanted. She won't even be in them that long, but I just couldn't decide.
The main reason I went to the baby section was to buy Chloe something to wear to church services for the first time. I wanted something cute and summery to show her off in and found this little number. I had picked up a frilly white dress first, but settled on this one. I love hats on baby's and that's what sent me over the edge. Plus, Russ liked it better than the frilly dress.
I hope you all enjoyed my pictures!
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Hollie said...

Such cute stuff for your baby girl.

Ashley said...

I have that same Mommy loves me onesie and the outfit with pale colors and flowers on it...so funny...Kohls? I love that place :) Happy New Year!

Elana Kahn said...

Awesome stuff!! Btw, where do you get that weight gain tracker?

Ang said...

I LOVE the Tennessee outfit!!!! Not sure if you knew or not but I was born and raised in TN..Go Vols!! ha We live in Fl now. I can't wait to see pictures of 'your' Chloe...:)