Monday, December 15, 2008


Now for your viewing pleasure, here are some more pictures of me as a baby and toddler. I just love all the pictures Mom gave me. I love to go through and look at them all the time. Russ gets really annoyed with me because every time I look through them, I want him to see how cute we all were and he gets bored with that. HA!

This is me in my Daddy's arms a few hours after I was born. I don't know my exact weight at birth, but I was over 8 pounds. I love this picture!
This is me at 6 weeks old. I still have that double chin. Why is it so cute on a baby? Well, I think it's cute anyway...
This is a family picture from February of 1984.
This is also from 1984. Mom thinks this was a Christmas picture. Isn't it crazy how much more "toddler-like" I look compared the picture from February? I had to clarify with Mom that they were both from the same year!
These are my siblings and I at the same time in 1984.
This is a later picture of my siblings and I. I'm not sure what year it was. It had to have been around the same time that my Aunt Suzie and Uncle Joel got married because the dresses my sis and I are wearing are the same dresses we wore to their wedding.

That's all I have for now. I hope you all enjoyed these pictures!


I Believe in Miracles said...

Very cute!!

Nikki said...

Loved the pictures - how cute!!!

Misty Dawn said...

Too Cute! I wish I had some of the pics from when I was a baby. Thanks for sharing!

Ang said...

OH what beautiful pictures!! you just take care of that blessing inside that "God" is allowing you to carry!! hugs:)