Thursday, December 18, 2008

A Couple Tidbit

I was on yesterday and they had a list up of the top 100 boy and girl baby names of 2008. Chloe was number 12. I couldn't believe it was that high. It doesn't really matter much, I was just shocked. I don't know a single Chloe in real life. I had a little girl named Chloe in a class when I worked in daycare, but other than her, I don't know any. Logan was number 9 which I wasn't shocked about. We knew when we picked out that name that it was common. If you want to see the list it is located here.

For the other tidbit, the second trimester message board on WebMD has a Thursday tradition of measuring their bellies with toilet paper. Then they each post and say how far along they are and how many sheets big they are. I am 23 weeks tomorrow and am 9 sheets big. It's just a fun little game that we do.

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Mel said...

Chloe is a great name, obviously!
We were certain we didn't want a popular name, so we checked all the lists for the last 10 years to make sure ours wasn't.

Lisa said...

Congratulations on the wonderful news of your miracle baby. I too have been dealing with infertility for some years, we did however conceive a beautiful little boy through IVF and he is due to turn 2 on Jan 6th. Enjoy your little one when they arrive because time really flys.

God Bless,

Ang said...

Hey Great minds think alike!! I too have a Chloe!!:) love the name. I am so glad you are documenting things as you go, you'll be so glad you did someday. Check out my blog if you get a chance and scroll down to Chloe singing Little by's a great song and such an inspiration. hugs:)