Monday, December 8, 2008


Our sweet little Chloe Jo finally kicked her Daddy's hand. I have been able to feel her for about a month now, but last week I started feeling her throughout the days. I also started feeling her on the outside a few weeks ago, but everytime I yelled for Russ to come feel her, she would stop. Little stinker! So last night, I told Russ to put his hand on my belly and just leave it there for a while. She was really active so I thought she would be cooperative and she didn't disappoint! He finally got to feel her a few times and he was completely excited about it. She already has her Daddy wrapped around her finger. Too cute!

In other weekend news, I went with my Mom and Dad down to my sister's house and Mom, Sis, and I went Christmas shopping. I got everything done except for shopping for Russ. He's a little hard this year because he hasn't given me a list. I have two things for him and a lot of the budget left.

Chelley told me that she is going to call Chloe Chlogan until we know for sure that she is a girl. She and my Mom aren't convinced of the results from last week. I'm very convinced because it was way early with the first guess and there was a reason the radiologist never came out and said "it's a boy." He only kept showing us her little bottom and what looked like boy parts. He would pan over to the umbilical cord and say "This is the umbilical cord. This is not." I'm excited to start buying pink and ruffles and bows so I'm just going to go with it!

That's all for now. Stay Cool Blogger Buddies!

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I Believe in Miracles said...

I love the chlogan. That's great!!
Yeah for movement. That's awesome.