Saturday, December 13, 2008

Scrapbook Cover

I wanted to share my scrapbook cover with you since I've been sharing the pages inside. I just finished this today. I finally found some embellishments that I liked to go on the front. I originally had bought a green book with animals on the front, but eventually decided that it would be better for the baby's book, not my pregnancy book. I love the way it turned out! The sticker at the top right says "Always in my heart." The orange one on the left with the hearts hanging off says "labor of love." Heh, heh. If the makers only knew...anyway, the green one in the middle says "mommy-to-be" and the orange one in the bottom right says "bundle of joy."

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Ashley said...

So cute!! I had thought about trying to scrapbook about the pregnancy, but I have not done a thing - I guess there is still time though. OK take a look at my blog...what do you have in the section of "Edit HTML" under the Layout tab? It won't let me not have anything there (and that is where the Pyzam background was) - does that make sense? When mine loads, it looks as if I have two backgrounds because there are two advertisements on where to get a background...Also, I noticed you dont have a white box where your posts are (like I do) - maybe it has something to do with what you have in this Edit HTML tab. Let me know what you think!! How frustrating :)

Melanie said...

Your cover to the scrapbook is cute! You've done a good job. And I love the name you've picked out. Very cute! I'm so happy for you! You're gonna be a great mommy!