Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Scrapbook Pages and Onesie

Since my family hasn't made it into town yet, I decided to catch up on my pregnancy scrapbook. Ok, by catch up, I had to do two bump watch pictures and our "it's a girl" page. Not much to catch up on, but a good few hours of scrapbooking fun!Bump Watch - 20 Weeks
This is my "It's A Girl" spread.
1st page of the spread.
2nd page of spread.

Bump Watch - 22 Weeks
I found this onesie at Target the other day and couldn't resist. I bought Chloe a pair of pink pants to go with it.
I hope everyone is having a nice holiday.
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Ang said...

I am so excited for you all! What a blessing God has entrusted in you all. I hope you have your "Chloe" on the 18th which is my birthday or the 13th which is My "Chloe's" Birthday :)Have a Merry Christmas!!

Ashley said...

I just love your scrapbook pages, and that onesie is adorable! I know - I have a pile of girl clothes that I had bought over the past few months (I also bought some boy stuff but will use that as shower gifts for other friends). I think I am going to have to do digital scrapbooking - have you heard of It doesn't seem too terribly expensive and the pages look so cute!! PS: I am thinking green for the the bedding, green is definitely an accent color, but I think that is ok!



Hollie said...

You are so good with the scrap book! It looks great