Thursday, August 21, 2008

Nerves and Dreams

Tuesday evening I went to bed thinking of nothing but my ultrasound the following morning. I was so nervous about everything and couldn't sleep well and woke up a few times during the night. But, I did have an interesting dream in the wee hours of the morning. The first thing that happened was that my mom made my sis, my hubby, and I a dentist appointment. I am a little confused as to why my mother was making these appointments for us. That is not normal anymore....maybe when we were in high school. Anyway, so we were going to the dentist. When we get there I'm the only one that will go in. So, I go in and there are a ton of people in the lobby waiting to see the dentist. I am finally called back and I get in the chair and, low and behold, my fertility doctor is my dentist! Then my alarm went off and I had to see the man I dreamed about in person. I thought about telling him that he was in my dream, but decided against it. I don't want him to take that wrong....or get a big head!


Nikki said...

Were these the vivid dreams that people say you get when you're pregnant??? LOL

BTW - we have not got a new puppy yet. I look on craigs.list EVERYDAY, but DH and I haven't really got on with this project. For now it's just Simba ;0

Jackie. said...

I agree. You don't want the good doctor to get a big head! It's amazing how vivid your dream was. When I dream, I get it in tidbits that I have a hard time putting together. I am hoping that all is well for all three of you!

Earl Gearl said...

You know, I went back and looked up when I had the dream about the Orcs and I was pregnant then, I was pregnant when I dreamed about the dentist and last night I had another vivid dream about going to camp. Is this what they are talking about? I don't usually dream, let alone vivid dreams that I can remember!