Friday, August 1, 2008

Blood Work

I went to the clinic yesterday to get my progesterone checked. This is the same hormone that has been low the last two cycles. The nurse called this afternoon and said my level was 8.02. So it went down again. The goal is to be above ten and I haven't been above ten in three cycles now. There is still a small chance that I could be pregnant this cycle but my hope is pretty much gone now. My doctor didn't put me on progesterone suppositories. I'm not exactly crying about that, but something needs to be done.

When I went to get my blood drawn, the normal phlebotomist wasn't there. She is out for five weeks. So, a girl calls me back and she puts the turniquet on my right arm. I told her that is the arm everyone uses. My left arm doesn't have a pokable vein. She pokes on my arm, trying to find a vein, for two minutes. She then decides to check my left arm. After deciding that I was truthful with her, she goes back to the left and says that my veins are really tiny and she has to go get someone else to do it. What!? Why are you a phlebotomist if you can't take my blood? The normal girl has never complained about my "tiny veins" and she had an intern that took my blood twice and had no problem. So the next lady comes in (I hadn't ever met her either) and she takes my blood. She poked the needle in soooooooooo slowly and then removed it at the same slooooooooow pace. I just wanted to say something like "In and out, not that difficult!" Then she proceeds to tell me that she doesn't usually take blood. She does IV's. She does them in the wrist and has hit bone before. WHAT!?!?!? Why would you tell me that when I am still holding a piece of cotton on my freshly poked arm? Seriously, talk about that on your own time, not when a patient is in the chair!

For a laugh:

Things medical personell should never say:

1. "Oops"
2. "I've hit bone before"
3. "I'm actually not qualified to do this procedure."
4. "You're trying to get pregnant? Are you on birth control?"
5. "Here, cover up with this see-through sheet."
6. "Today's my first day."
7. "Hmmmm. Never seen that before."
8. "That's some nose. I can fix that."
9. "Wow. You're a bleeder!"
10. "So, what are we doing today?"

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The Family of N said...

The one thing an Ob/gyn should never say during a pelvic exam: "Oh, now I know who you are."

Nikki said...

I think you should check with your RE about starting progesterone supplementation. Specially since you're seeing a pattern there with it being low.

heavenlytini said...

i agree u should talk to doc about prog. supp.(i'm so tires i can't spell them out correctly)lol i have small veins also. the nurse took my blood my first visit day 3 test then end of month took my beta. i'm like remember you have to do it in the right arm(left arm has a mole right on top of a vein) she says "oh i've taken your blood before?" i'm like WHAT?!?!? and yeah if she told me she's hit bone before i would've ran lol!!! i miss webmd but all those BFP's were getting to me so i figured i'd take a little breather til i'm stronger!!!

Courtney said...

Big hugs. I agree with Nikki that it is time to start demanding prog supps. You could still be pregnant, and the earlier you can start the prog supps, the better.

Earl Gearl said...

Yeah, I know what you guys think and I agree. I've just got to get my doctor to do something!