Friday, August 15, 2008

Beijing or Bust!

I love the Olympics. This is really the only sporting event I'll watch on TV and get excited about. It doesn't even matter what competition it is. I was watching boxing the other day and was yelling for our guy to win. This post, though, is not about Kerri Walsh, Misty May-Treanor or Michael Phelps though all are extremely talented. I want to talk about the Chinese gymnastics team and the underage scandal. Personally, I believe that if their passports checked out and the IOC and whatever the other thing is that checks things like this say they are ok, then we need to quit worrying about it. So the Chinese girls looks younger than what? Chinese women age a bit slower than us white women. And my real opinion is this: even if they are 13 and 14, they still beat the Americans and everyone else. They obviously deserve their gold medals and we need to just leave it alone. Now, if it does come out that they really were underage, they should have to pay the consequences, but for now, their stories check out and I'm excited for them. With the Chinese, it's really an all or nothing game. Go China!


Morgan said...

I'll admit, they do look alot younger than 16...but people also have to remember how different China is than America, the way they grow up- everything. They have true talent and that counts for something right!

ssbean said...

I love the Olympics too. My favorite events are gymnastics and swimming and diving. They do look young. Isn't it amazing how much talent children have, maybe I'm feeling old, but 16 is still rather young to me.

Nikki said...

Hey Lisa

Long time no news from you. Hope all's well. Just wanted to say "How you doin' " Joey style to you. Don't stay so silent, I start worrying about you!