Saturday, December 29, 2012

Kiev, Ukraine Journal - 3-10-1996 and 3-11-1996

*Disclaimer: Please remember that I wrote these when I was 14! I could be a snarky brat! I also am typing these journals exactly as I wrote them, bad spelling and all, except I have abbreviated names to protect the innocent or not-so-innocent.

March 10, 1996

Today is the first Sunday Worship we have gone to. The building was so cold. It was freezing! Everybody had thier coats on all day. We went to KS's english class. He was teaching on obeidience. Except over half of the class was just the introduction. After that we all went home. Michelle and I did homework. In english I got everything done except for the spelling part. I also have gotten all of ch. 13 in science done. That night we had class here. Or the students did. Michelle saw C in a suit. All night she was gushing over how cute he looked. He did look good, but not good enough to gush over all night. Well that's all we did today so I think I'll close now. Bye. :-)

March 11, 1996

Today we went to the C's house. We all watched Little Women. C and J complained all through it. It was the worst time. When we went home and got off the metro we went to the bus stop to wait for a bus. All of the sudden somebody pushed me, almost knocking me over and yelled Americans. Chelle and I both turned around and stared into the face of KS. We both gave him a really awful look. He said "boy if looks could kill I'd be dead right now." Then he started asking me all about Kings Quest all of the except 1st and 2nd. I don't have anything else to write so Bye. Oh wait we did homework the rest of the day. :-)

Kings Quest was a computer game I used to play when I was younger.

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Chelley N said...

Really? There are some things you can just leave off of the internet :-).

Have you noticed that every day you are thoroughly UNimpressed with pretty much everything? Teenagers, sigh.