Thursday, December 20, 2012

Christmas Tour of Our Home

Hi all!

I am still trying to play catch-up. I've been sick again this week so I haven't felt much like blogging. Plus, it's hard to blog when you know you have a million topics to cover and don't really know where to start!

Today, I want to show you all our festive house! We wanted to put lights up outside, but we didn't have enough strands of one particular style so we are waiting until after everything goes on clearance to stock up for next year. I can't wait to get into the Christmas clearance this year! I'm really wanting to get a purple tree for the guest/craft room and a small green tree for the kitchen. Oh how I love Christmas trees!

Anywho, as you come in, this is what is in the entry way. I know the flowers are spring flowers, but I never found something I liked for that vase. I'll find something for next year maybe. Russ wants to start collecting the Christmas villages and I found this one at a junk shop for $4.50 to start him off. It is super cute and I think we'll have a sweet village in no time. I also still love the Charlie Brown tree my Dad and I made together one year!

Above the door is a large picture window. I am in love with this snowman! It is a new piece that Russ bought for me this year.

This is the living room. Um, ignore the wadded up blanket on the couch. It's cold here!

I usually have our stockings on different shelves, but I am loving them all on one shelf this year so the Joy decoration can have it own shelf. I was so excited to have a mantle to hang our stockings on this year and then I ended up not liking them there. HA! Isn't that how it always works?!

This is the mantle. I really like where the TV goes except for when I want to decorate the mantle, knowwaddaImean? I've also been looking for a nice swag to go in the empty space above the TV nook. Just haven't found something I like yet.

This is a hope chest that became a sofa table with the 2 frames I made/redid this year. Love the pictures!

This is a shelf in our hallway. I'm hoping it will evolve to look a little better. On the shelf are basically all the things I had left over after decorating everything else. The quilt is a new piece acquired this year from my Granny.

This is the normal display that is on the linen cabinet. I think I might change this up next year.

Moving on to the kitchen, this is a shelf that is in the eating area. Dora, our Elf on the Shelf, sits on the middle shelf when she isn't occupied.

Another shelf in our kitchen. I love getting Christmas cards!

Our table and table runner. Chloe Jo and I made the tree centerpiece together a few weeks ago.

I was able to decorate a little bit in the main bathroom this year. I've never done that before and I was excited to have enough stuff! I bought these pieces on after-Christmas clearance last year. I love opening our Christmas boxes every year to find stuff you forgot you bought the year before!

I love the pink and silver. It's messy, but it's so pretty when it sparkles!

Chloe Jo loved the decorations in her bathroom, too.

This is Chloe Jo's tree. She chose a pink tree last year and it is a cupcake/candy theme. I found a really cute cupcake tree skirt at Kohl's a week or so ago so that has changed this year.

Close-up of some of her ornaments. I love theme trees!

This is Russ and I's tree. It is snowman themed. This is another one of those after-Christmas clearance items from last year. The tree cost me $5! I love the blue and gold!

Close-up of our snowman ornaments.

And lastly, here are the ornaments we picked out this year (one of our family traditions is going to choose an ornament apiece the day we put up our Christmas tree).

Russ chose this snowman ornament.

I chose this bird in a top hat that Russ says is ridiculous. I think he is so cute!

And Chloe Jo went with Cinderella.

And that is all!

I've been enjoying seeing others' homes and getting ideas for next year!

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