Saturday, June 9, 2012

Tomorrow, tomorrow, I love ya, tomorrow!

Last week I took Chloe Jo to the library to story time. While we were waiting for story time to begin we were looking at the bulletin board and all the ads. We were so excited to see an ad for Annie the Musical!
Chloe Jo is just infatuated with the movie so I decided to pick one of the flyers up and see if we could go to a performance. Luckily, they were doing a performance today at 2:00 which was just perfect for our schedule. I purchased 2 tickets and Chloe Jo and went to see the play!

This is during intermission.
Chloe Jo did so good! It was over 2 hours long so I wasn't sure if she would get too restless, but she was so good. She loved the singing and the choreography. Every time Annie was not on stage she asked me where she was and when she was coming back. She also loves Daddy Warbucks. When I told her we were going to go see Annie or when I would talk about going she would always say "And Daddy Warbucks, too?"

I'm so glad we got to go! The performance was excellent and we both thoroughly enjoyed ourselves!

I think the highlight of Chloe Jo's afternoon was getting to meet Annie after the show! She was so happy to get to take a picture with her!
Chloe Jo now wants to dress up as Annie for Halloween. I think we can make that happen!

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April said...

How neat! What a big girl!