Thursday, June 7, 2012

Getting Settled

Hi everyone! I have not logged onto Blogger in about 2 weeks! That is the longest I have gone in a long time. Somehow I will catch up on all my blog reading, but probably not today.

We have been so busy around here! We finally closed on our house and moved in. All of the boxes are unpacked. I ordered a few pieces of furniture online and am waiting on it to come in before completing some rooms. Chloe Jo's room is the only one that is completely finished. Our bedroom needs curtains still, but we were able to get our new queen size bed. It has been lovely. We have always had a full size (I know!?!) so we are very excited to have a queen now. Plus we went with a memory foam bed and I totally get the hype now. I haven't had an aching back a single morning since we bought the memory foam. Love!

This week I started working on stuff for our VBS. It starts on the 17th so I really need to get a move on. My sister and a friend are coming over to work on a lot of the decorations for it tomorrow so we will hopefully get those out of the way and I can concentrate on my class materials next week.

Ever feel like you've been running 90 to nothing? I am feeling that way and it won't get better until after VBS. I think I may have to take a week long siesta once it is over!

I noticed when I logged in that I am up to 99 followers! How does that happen? I haven't blogged in 2 weeks and gained 4! Ha! As promised I have a $5 Amazon gift card waiting to be given away once I reach 100. Only 1 more to go!

And a blog is no fun without pictures so I'll leave you with pictures of Chloe Jo's room. I'll put up a video of the whole place once everything is finished....which may be a while. :)

I love this plate as you walk in Chloe Jo's door. "For this child I prayed." It's a perfect reminder for me that we prayed for Chloe Jo and everyday, no matter how difficult, is a blessing!
 I worked really hard on her striped wall and it came out better than what I imagined in my head. I love it!
 This cross-stitch doesn't really match her colors, but I made it for her so I put it in her room anyway. I think I may have it rematted with a girlier mat at a later time (I had it matted in brown because, at the time, we thought we were having a Logan not a Chloe Jo...surprise!).
 I love that we were able to get her kitchen into her room. He previous room also had a bookshelf and a hope chest, but this room is just too small for all of that so we had to x-nay them.
 And this is just a reminder of Whose child she really is. Love.
I hope you all have had a fantastic week so far!


April said...

We missed you! so glad it all worked out on your new house! I love the stripes in her room. I am sure it is a busy time but it's a fun one too to get to set-up house in your HOME.

Lauren said...

Welcome back & love her room you did a wonderful job with the walls :-)

Alicia_B said...

Her room is adorable!

Christina said...

Her room is so cute!! Welcome back :)

Kriss said...

I've missed you too!

Cheryl said...

I'm glad you're moved in and getting settled! Cute room for your little girl!