Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Busy, but productive!

Whew, ya'll! I have had an insane, but soooo productive day! I only left the house once to go to the post office and Dollar General. The rest of the time I have been getting things done around the house that I had to put off because of our VBS week.

First thing this morning, I started working on the guest/craft room. I bought a cork board yesterday and hung that up about my craft table. I'm looking forward to pinning ideas and undone projects up!
 A while back I pinned a few pictures of walls with embroidery hoops and fabric on my pinterest. I knew I wanted to use the idea for my craft room. I've been collecting the embroidery hoops since we moved in and I drew up a diagram of where I wanted them all to go this morning. While I had to change up the diagram a bit when I actually started hanging the hoops, I love the finished wall! I do have 2 hoops that don't have anything in them. My mom is finishing a lavender and white quilt for the guest bedroom and she is going to see if she has any scraps from it that are big enough.
 I went ahead and hung the curtains, but I have to take them down to get the wrinkles out still. Actually, all the curtains in the house need to be ironed. I guess that will be a project for tomorrow.
 I am still wanting to get some letters that spell "CREATE" for the top of my shelf.
 And just because organization is a love of mine, here is my craft room closet. Love all the space!
 After finishing what I could in the craft/guest room I hung up the curtains I found for the master bedroom. I know they are plain, but I love them! Curtains just make it so much more homey! I just need to do the headboard to finish up our bedroom. I still need to finish the master bathroom, but I'm not worrying about that at all right now.
 This afternoon, while Chloe Jo took her nap, I tried mixing up the green paint for our living room again. I have mixed and remixed and mixed paint about a bazillion times trying to match the color since Lowe's didn't do very good. Today's try still wasn't perfect, but it is close enough that I went ahead and painted over all of the spots. I'm glad that I'm done with that!
 Right when you walk into our house, there is a huge wall that I haven't decorated. I did hang two family pictures up there, but they were not big enough and didn't look right. I moved those and have been contemplating what to do with that wall. I finally decided to order a vinyl decal scripture to put up there. I am so excited to get it in the mail. I think it is going to look fabulous!
 After Chloe Jo woke from her nap we tried a new recipe for Blueberry Muffins. I was given two containers of blueberries and thought they would be yummy in muffins. Chloe Jo loves helping me in the kitchen (except when I'm using a loud appliance like the mixer or blender!).
 The muffins turned out as delicious as they look...
...even though the baking powder I used expired 6 years ago! HA! I guess when I cleaned out the cabinets when we moved, I missed this! 
 Last week I ordered an inflatable pool from Target. It was one of their daily deals so I only paid $27 with shipping for it! I came yesterday and we put it on the patio and blew it up. We couldn't play in it then so I waited until this afternoon to fill it up with water. After supper I let Chloe Jo play in it for while. She had a blast!
 While she was playing, I put the leg anchors on her swing set.
 While I don't love how they look, they do exactly what they are supposed to and anchor the swing set to the ground. At least it gets the job done!
I love having so many things to do during the day! My parents are coming in Thursday for a few days so tomorrow will be cleaning day.

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Wes and Kendall said...

I have the craft hoops tagged on pinterest and want to try them out in the babies' room. Any pointers??

Janet said...

CJ & Addison seem to have the same personality. Add also LOVES to cook but hates loud noises. She's getting so big! Where did out little baby girls go?

April said...

Love your craft room. I want to find a way to do those embroidery hoops somewhere in my house too. I love that idea! Love her pool too! Great deal!

Lauren said...

Love the craft hoops so cute!