Sunday, June 17, 2012

And We're Off!

I have been having such a hard time keeping up with this ol' blog lately! We have just been so busy that I have not had hardly a minute to spare for any computer activities.

This last week was full of final preparations for our VBS. I finished making decorations on Tuesday and then worked on lesson plans and getting organized the rest of the week. On Saturday we had a work day at the church building to get all the decorations put up and organize our classrooms. Everything turned out fantastic! It is so nice to be part of a congregation that really cares about serving the Lord and will work to bring the Word of God to the community!

I took about a bazillion pictures of the decorations! I feel like we really did go all out!

This is the sign-in table in the vestibule.
 This is another view of the vestibule decorations.
 This is the podium of our auditorium complete with treasure chest overflowing with treasure, a pier and a sail boat! This really turned out great. We covered the whole thing with burlap to make it look like sand and it worked perfectly!
 Love the treasure chest with Ruga, the monkey, sitting on the pile of treasure!
 This is just a better view of the sailboat and the pier. My brother-in-law, Chris, is the VBS director so he dressed up as Captain Solomon Fearlord and led songs from the pier. It was so fun!
 This is the hall with 3 of the classrooms. It is very narrow so I had to take pictures of each section to show it all.
 We did one side with a beach theme and the other side with an ocean scene. Again, we used the burlap as the sand. 
 I really love how the hallway came out. It looks so much better than the vision we all had in our heads!
 This is a sand dune with a ships wheel stuck in the sand.
 On to the ocean side. Love the sun setting in between the mountains.
 This is the map I worked very hard on. I think it turned out fantastic!
 This is the last section of hallway. It is really fun to walk down the hall and see all of this!
 I know this post is getting long, but I want to share my classroom pictures, also.

This is the door. I was planning to write the names of the kids on the boats, but I forgot tonight. Maybe I'll get to that tomorrow.
 I have one very large bulletin board in the classroom and this is it.
 This is actually a white board, but I wasn't planning on using it so I covered it to make another bulletin board. I really wanted to use the fish net!
 This is the ship I made and at the last minute and I had my friend, Tia, cut me out some clouds. They really gave it that little extra oomf.
 And this is the last wall of my classroom. Of course I had to make and island with a treasure chest!
I always enjoy decorating, but I also know that it is not the most important thing about VBS. I was happy to bring a great lesson to my 3 students tonight and am looking forward to teaching them more lessons from the book of Proverbs during the rest of VBS!


Lauren said...

Looks so awesome :-)

Cheryl said...

Great decorations!! Our VBS is a train theme which I think will be fun for decorating also! Good luck and I hope you have tons of kids to teach about Jesus!