Sunday, June 24, 2012

Kiev, Ukraine Journal: 11-3-1994 and 11-4-1994

Do you all remember waaaaaaaaaaay back in March, before we moved and our lives became the chaos, I had started posting from my journals from when I traveled to Kiev, Ukraine back in the 90's? Well, I almost forgot about it, too. It has been in the back of my mind, but I just never did post anymore. I have finally dug the journals out again to share with you all! Yay! Right? Right? Okay...I know the only ones who will really care are probably my Dad, Mom and sister...and maybe not my sister so much. At least it will be on my blog for me to enjoy!

And to refresh your memory, I'm leaving all the bad spelling and punctuation my 12 year old self wrote down. Italicized comments are from me now.

November 3, 1994
"We went window shopping today. dad had to go to the institute. Shops were lining the bottoms of the flats. We were going to cross the river but Michelle did not want to (of course Chelle got her way). We finished unpacking our clothes and we had lunch. We had tuna, crackers, and peanut butter. Mom let us read her journal. She writes like it's going to be published some day (The Incredible journy of Jody), ha, ha. We stayed at the flat most of the day."

I find it so funny that I made fun of my Mom. I was such a brat...still am in many ways. I bet she is so happy to have those journals that have all kinds of details about everything in them and not just that we had tuna for lunch.

November 4, 1994
"We went to the market with DC (I am just using initials to protect the identities of those my 12 year old self the way, I spelled the ladies name wrong anyway!) today. The market was like the buses, packed like sardines. In the meat section people were cutting of raw meat fat and eating it. It looked disquisting (I think I meant disgusting, *shudder* at my horrible spelling). We met FL today to. She's another misionary wife. At 6:00 we went to the institute and watched a borsh contest. Borsh is a type of a vegetable soup. I met RC at the contest. She's real nice. R is 11 yrs. old and in the 6th grade. Olga won the borsh contest. After the contest we had a similar game to bobbing for apples. We had to take a bite out of an apple hanging on a string. I played and our team got second place out of two teams. We got lifesavers for a prize. It was real fun. Then we went home and started our journals. That's basically all that happened today."

I'm so glad I specified that we got second out of two teams. It's definitely better than saying we lost! HA! 

Stay tuned for the next entry. I laugh so hard every time I open those journals! Uh...maybe you had to be there...

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