Thursday, June 21, 2012

Blog Blah

  • Yesterday I was behind a truck that had a bumper sticker that read: "THE TRAIL OF TEARS is the path where they cried." For real. Can anyone say redundant?
  • I took Chloe Jo to McD's the other day and the news was on. The anchor for this particular program's name was Megyn. As in "I have an appointment to go see me gyn." People, please think about how you spell your children's names! That goes for you, parents of Jagr! Let's all say it together, "Vowels are our friends."
  • Yahoo had a picture of Leann Rimes on its homepage recently. Um, ick. How much weight is she going to lose? And you know if she looks emaciated and nasty in pictures, she looks much worse in person.
  • I know that summers in Oklahoma are about awful because of the heat, but girls, if you have to constantly pull down the inseam of your shorts, they are too short.


Angie said...

Agree....why do people wear their shorts soooo short. It really isn't cute is it?

Christina said...

I hate when I see people that need to pull their inseam down and they don't!!! looks awful.