Wednesday, February 22, 2012

What I'm Loving Wednesday!

It has been forever since I linked up with Jamie for What I'm Loving Wednesday! I think the last time was before Christmas!
I'm loving the weather! Yesterday Chloe Jo and I went to the library and, on a whim, went to the park to play afterward. Today is so beautiful out we may have to go to the park again!

I'm loving family game night! Chloe Jo received $10 from Granny Tiger and Grand Pappy for Valentines Day and she used it to buy a Dora Dominoes game!
I'm loving this precious girl of mine! Chloe Jo brightens my days so much!
I'm loving trying new recipes! I haven't been trying new ones for the last few months, but this week and next week I'm trying 3 new ones! I made Chicken Pillows yesterday evening and they were so yummy! In fact, I'm going to have one for lunch in a few minutes. Stay tuned for that recipe.
I'm loving all the crafty things I've been doing lately! I hate that I have to completely take over the kitchen table to craft but it is what it is. When we buy our new house in Oklahoma I will have a craft room.

I just don't understand why Russ says I have a slight craft addiction...
This is a bow I made for Chloe Jo yesterday. It turned out soooooo good!
Chloe Jo's strawberry wreath for her Strawberry Shortcake party
Diaper carriage for the baby shower I am helping host
Diaper cake for the baby shower
I'm loving that we are moving in just a little over a month to Oklahoma! I am so ready to see my family and live close to them...and hug and smooch on my new baby nephew!

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Melissa Jane said...

Those diaper cakes are REALLY cute!!

M said...

That diaper cake is sooo pretty!

Also wondering if you'd be willing to make a hair bow tutorial at some point?! I'd love to learn and you are such a craft pro!

Lauren @ A modern day wife's journey said...

How fun, I'm making a diaper shower cake this weekend too :-)

leslie said...

I always enjoy seeing the different things that you make! You do such a great job! Do you have a link that you could share for making the diaper cake? I am going to be hosting a baby shower in the next few months and that would be so fun to have.....if I can really do it....ha!!
Thanks so much!


Kendra said...

Hi! Thanks for stopping by and saying hello =). Nice to know there is another person who loves actually using a pen and paper to write things down! Ha!

You're little girl is SO beautiful! And you should be proud of that bow! It's seriously impressive!!

Trish said...

i'm loving that diaper cake! it's so pretty! looks like a wedding cake!