Monday, February 20, 2012

This weeks to-do list

Well, I got a lot done last week, but I have a big to-do this week, too. I'm trying to get everything ready for the baby shower and for Chloe Jo's party. Her party isn't until the middle of April, but I need to get things done this month because next month is going to be crazy insane with packing and moving!

Lately I have been really trying to get Chloe Jo to do things by herself. Not big things, but little things like picking out her own clothes and putting them on and going potty. She refuses to go potty if one of us isn't helping her. I don't really get it because she is definitely tall enough to get on there with the step stool now and she can get her own pants down. She has never wiped herself, though and will. not. do. it. under any circumstances. She'll just sit there until we finally come help her. Maybe I should be glad that she is not independent, but it would really be nice if she went potty by herself.

Also, I have started asking her to pick out her own clothes. This is what she came up with on Saturday.
At first she didn't have a shirt picked out and I made her go back in there and find one.

This is what she actually ended up wearing.
I don't think she is ready to pick out her own clothes yet! HA! She did find those red shoes in her bottom drawer (where I keep things that are for when she is bigger) and I realized that they do fit so we got them out.

I had to go find her some new pants and shoes on Saturday. She is up to a size 8 in shoes so I had to find a few pairs to replace her size 7's. She has been in desperate need of some new pants to finish out the season. She has really outgrown her size 3T's but I've been hesitant to go get any more because I knew they would be too big around the waist. I finally had to do it because way too much sock was beginning to show between her pants and shoes. And I was right. I'm going to have to take in all of the pants I bought her. At least they were on sale since the stores are getting their spring lines out now!

Sunday morning, I dressed her and got out a pair of brown shoes for her to wear to which she responded "No, no! I want to wear my wed shoos!" The red shoes did not match her outfit so I made sure she got to wear them for evening services.
Doesn't she look precious? I love her red shoes just as much as she does, I think!
I have so many things to do today, I better get back to it. I only got on blogger to procrastinate a bit!

This week I need to:

finish ribbon topiaries for baby shower
find and print a fun game for baby shower
find a good pink punch recipe for baby shower
make tissue paper pom poms for baby shower (although I might just wait to do those)
finish baby shower gifts
make Hello Kitty, Dora and Strawberry Shortcake hair bows for Chloe Jo
make strawberry garland for cake table for CJ's birthday party
make CJ's birthday party outfit
create the invitations for CJ's birthday party
finish strawberry wreath for birthday party

I better go get to it!

I hope you all have a great week!


~*JaYmE*~ said...

She's so steaking cute!

Janet said...

I have a quick question for you....Are you still making homemade laundry detergent? We seriously need to find a way to cut down on some costs. I've been throwing around this idea but not sure about it. I remember about a year ago reading a post that you did about it. Just wondering if you still like it. Thanks! Janet

Chelley N said...

I love those red shoes! I also think it's funny that she's picking out her own clothes, sort of. I can't even imagine what B would come up with if I let her do that!