Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Ribbon Wreath Tutorial

Since the ribbon wreaths I've made the last few days came out so great, I thought I would do a brief tutorial of how I made them.

This is the finished wreath for Chloe Jo's Strawberry Shortcake party. I love all the strawberry ribbon! I had to order it from eBay because I never did find any in stores.
Ribbon Wreath Tutorial

Styrofoam wreath form
Ribbon (I used a 12 inch wreath form and used about 20 yards of 1-inch ribbon)
Straight pins

The first thing to do is cut the ribbon up. I cut mine into 3-inch pieces. If you do longer pieces, it would be a little more floppy, but I wouldn't do shorter pieces. It just depends on how you want your wreath to look.
Make a loop with the ribbon and push a straight pin through the two ends.
Pin the loop onto the styrofoam wreath form.
Continue filling in the form until it is completely covered.
And that is all there is to it! It is super-duper simple! I used the same technique for the ribbon topiaries. I'll post a picture of them soon. They turned out really cute, too!


April said...

Thanks for the tutorial!!! So cute!

Lauren @ A modern day wife's journey said...

Looks awesome been wanting to try to make one of these too :-)