Monday, December 20, 2010

Resolutions from 2010

I'm very happy with the way my 2010 goals came out. I didn't get 100%, but I still did get most of them done! Here is the update for 2010. I will do a separate post on my new goals for 2011.

1. Be a better mother to Chloe Jo. CHECK! Always room for improvement, though. I think this goal and the next goal are going to be taken off of my list for next year because these are things that are continuous through my life.
2. Be a better wife to Russ. CHECK! or so he says.
3. Read the Bible through out loud to Chloe Jo. Almost CHECK! I have a few more days left to read to her, but I am so close that I am going to get it done.
4. Lose the 10 pounds I gained during the holidays and keep the weight off during the year. Um, not a CHECK at all. I have actually gained about 10 more pounds. Sigh. It's an ongoing battle for me.
5. Work out a few times a week and eat right to be healthier overall. CHECK! Okay...half-CHECK. I am healthier overall, but I am not good at working out every week. I'm pretty hit and miss with that.
6. Pay off the car and credit card. Half-CHECK! We paid off the car, but we didn't get the credit card. That is going to take us a little longer than a year, I'm afraid.
7. Be better with our money. CHECK! Even though I didn't get the credit card paid off, I have done really good with budgeting and sticking to it this year.
8. Have a better attitude about moving and about being part of a preacher's family. CHECK! I am loving South Carolina so much!
9. Be a better support to my husband. CHECK! I do get down about not living around my family, but I love being a preacher's wife and I love most things that are associated with being a preacher's wife.

I'm excited to have started my list of resolutions for 2011! I will share those with you after the New Year.

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Ashley said...

Way to go! You did a great job with your 2010 resolutions!! I need to find where I wrote my resolutions down...I know I read the number of books I wanted to read. But I didn't lose the weight I had hoped to. Always a battle for me too...ugh. Anyways, way to go! And can't wait to hear your 2011 goals!