Thursday, December 2, 2010

Junk Heap

*Still not feeling well. Today my nose is no longer stuffed up, though. It's now runny and I am sneezing constantly. Oh, the joys of having a cold. I even stayed home from Bible class last night which is virtually unheard of for me. Russ is at the office today and I am back to watching the munchkin.

*She is really testing boundaries lately. I thought the terrible two's had started a month ago. I think that was just the preliminaries. This week she has started sitting down on the ground if she doesn't get her way. It's not quite throwing herself on the ground, but it is so close to a tantrum that discipline is needed. I guess I'm lucky that she hasn't done this before. What she doesn't realize is that I'll win. Period.

*4 years ago I started making Christmas cards to send out to family and select friends. I started making this years cards a couple of days ago. I have to say that I'm not loving them. The problem is that I outdid myself last year and I will never be able to top the cards last year. I loved them. I love my paper this year. I'm just having a creative block. They are okay, but not great like I like.

*I have finished Christmas for everyone except for Russ and one other. I know what I am going to get to finish Russ', but the other is a little more complicated. I started something. Unfortunately I don't think I'll be able to finish it. So the problem is whether I wait and see if I can finish it or go and buy something or I could even create something smaller. I'm not sure and I need to decide.

*I finished a couple more books that were on my top 100 list. And then I checked out War and Peace. Because having a book that is over 1200 pages to read during the busy holidays is really smart. I may just take it back and get something smaller.

*Russ and I sent out invitations to a holiday party we are going to have next Saturday. I'm excited about it and I already have decided what I'm going to make for it. We do need to go get a couple of ornaments for the ornament exchange. I also need to figure out what game to play. I really hate the Dirty Santa games. Someone always goes home with something they don't like because what they did like was stolen. It's such a great tool in teaching people not to be greedy and to love each other. Bah!

*I love that Chloe Jo is potty trained. She still has days that she has accidents, but they are getting fewer and further between. As in at least a week between. I'm not spending so much on diapers now. I still get pull-ups for night and nap time. If she wakes up dry from nap (which she usually does) then I just put the pull-up back in the diaper caddy to use for night time. It has really cut down on money spent on diapers. I never paid more than 5 or 6 dollars for packages of diapers because of coupons and sales, but I can still tell a difference in our budgeting.

*I think that is all for now. I am going to try to finish up the Christmas cards today if I can. Well, the outside anyway. We are still trying to get a good Christmas photo for the cards and I need to get color ink for our printer for the insides. Better get back to it! See you around, Blogworld!

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Chelley N said...

I don't see how you get all this stuff done (making gifts, christmas cards, etc) with Miss Chloe as active as she is. I feel like I can't get anything done!