Wednesday, December 8, 2010

My little Ramona Quimby

Last night Russ received a code for a free movie rental from Blockbuster Express. Since I was grocery shopping, he sent it to me to stop by on my way home. I chose the movie Ramona and Beezus. If you are unfamiliar with Ramona Geraldine Quimby, you are missing out! Beverly Cleary wrote several Ramona books and I read them when I was a child. Beverly Cleary is one of the best children's authors and I have always loved everything she has written.
Ramona and Beezus did not disappoint! It was the cutest movie and it was very close to the book. The actors were perfect. The script was perfect. Everything was perfect and I loved it. It made me reminisce about when I read the books when I was little.

The thing I love most about Ramona is that she has a heart of gold, but a mischievous streak that often gets her in trouble. She loves fairy tales and daydreaming. She hates spelling.
One of the biggest things that struck me while watching this movie is that I have a little Ramona Quimby. Chloe Jo's personality is already so much like Ramona's. She is such a little sweetie with a mischievous streak the size of the Mississippi. I can't wait to color the longest picture in the world with her like Ramona and her father did!
I had to add these last couple of pictures. Her little tights are so cute!
How cute are these!?!
Russ and I were in the mall on Friday and passed a store called Crazy 8. I had seen the store several times before, but it looked like a Gymboree so I never went it because I'm not willing to pay Gymboree prices. They had a sale sign in the window so we went in. The clothes were very much like Gymboree, but with great prices! I even commented to Russ that it was Gymboree, but cheaper. A few minutes later a sales clerk brought out a box of merchandise with the name Gymboree on it. I guess it is owned by Gymboree. They have super cute stuff at prices I am willing to pay and we bought Chloe Jo's whole outfit (except shoes) there.

Geesh, my blog has become an advertisement lately. I'll try to remedy that!


Janet said...

I don't know if you guys have Redbox out there, but if you sign up on their website you will get text messages with free rental codes as well! Love those tights!

Kim said...

Crazy 8 is the sister store to Gymboree thats why everything looks alike. I go in there when there is a sale. Like you, I'm not willing to pay Gymboree prices EVER! Its absurd. Loved the tights and outfit..too cute! I loved Ramona books so I probably should get the movie!

Chelley N said...

I love her whole outfit! Those are the cutest tights!!!