Friday, December 10, 2010

20 Months!!!

Chloe Jo is 20 months old today. There is something about seeing a 2 there that is a little surreal. Could it really have been 20 months ago that I our beautiful daughter? In 4 short months she will be turning 2. Oh my. I'm going to have a 2 year old.

So what has Chloe Jo been up to lately?

She is wearing size 18 months and 24 months clothes. She can get away with 24 months in dresses and shirts and is just starting to fit into a few pairs of the pants.

She is completely day time potty trained which has been awesome. Yes, she still has accidents now and then, but it is not very often at all. She is still wearing a pull-up for nap time and night time. She usually wakes up from nap time dry, but she has only woken up in the morning dry once. Hey, for her only being 20 months old, I think that is awesome!

She is still not interested in talking much. She does say a few things here and there, but for the most part she refuses to repeat after me or learn new words. Although, I think she is learning them, she just doesn't want me to know about it. She loves to say "thank you" after I give her something or help her with something. It comes out more like "danka" for her. This is not something that I have really worked on with her. She started doing this on her own. She babbles a lot, but I can't understand her most of the time.

She is really great about helping to pick up her toys and she loves to help me clean. Her favorite thing is to help put the pillows on the bed in the morning when we make it and to dust. She should be the face of Swiffer Dusters. She loves them!

She still will cry when we put her down for nap or bedtime. Luckily, it's not for 30 minutes like she used to. She will cry for a minute or 2 and then go right to sleep. This has been a very welcome change. Some nights I had to leave so I didn't have to listen to her cry for so long. She always wakes up cranky from nap, though. I don't understand it. She takes great naps - usually at least 1 hour, sometimes close to 3. It doesn't matter how long it is, she has to cry and boo hoo for at least 30 minutes after. Some days I make her get back in bed until she can calm down enough to come back out. If I do that, she is usually fine afterwards.

Her favorite toys are a set of dishes I had put in her toybox in the closet. She found them about a week ago and has loved playing with them ever since. She also loves dolls and can't get enough of pushing them around in her kiddie stroller. Her favorite dolls to play with are 2 of mine from when I was little. They are hard plastic and I think they are a bit ugly. She has much more snuggly dolls, but she wants my ugly, hard ones. She has finally started playing with her puzzles. I have been trying to get her to like puzzles for a long time and she just never cared about them. The other day she got one down and put it together almost by herself. I had to help a very little bit. Now she loves to do them with me and she is pretty good at them.

Her favorite thing in the world is reading. She will bring me book after book after book to read to her. She loves to point at pictures and have me tell her what they are. She refuses to repeat the words, but I know she is learning because she understands when I tell her to bring me this or that. I do wish she would talk more, but that will come with time.

Her hair is finally starting to look better. Her bangs are growing back out and I'm happy about that. Shortly after I trimmed them I decided that I hated it. I think little girls with bangs and a bob are so cute, but I just don't care for it on Chloe Jo. I'm going to let them grow out and let her hair grow long. It still is a mullet, but I'm just going to let it grow until I can't stand it anymore. Her hair is looking cuter and cuter when I put it in pigtails since it is getting so long in the back.

October and November were big growth spurt months. All Chloe Jo wanted to do was eat. Now she is the opposite. I think the growth spurts are done for now and now she is not wanting to eat very much at all. She used to be such a good eater and now she's so not. If she doesn't like the way something looks, it's not going into her mouth. Silly thing. I hope she gets over that and starts eating everything again.

She weighs 24 pounds which put her closer to the 25th percentile again. She almost got to the 50th, but went back down. She is just skinny...

and tall. She is currently measuring 32 1/4 inches putting her on the higher side of the 50th percentile. She went down in percentile in weight and up in height. I hope she stays tall and skinny. I don't want her to have the weight problems her daddy and I have.

That's all the update I have right now. I still can't believe she is already 20 months old. I think I hear her playing with ornaments on the tree so I must run. See you guys around!


Chelley N said...

I see that she's back to letting you take cute pics of her. Happy 20 months, Chloe Josephina!

Chhandita said...

Happy 20th month birthday Chloe jo! Your girl is adorable. I have been following your blog for a long time now, been too lazy to comment. My lill man is almost 15 months old..time sure flies!!!

Melissa said...

She is so cute and getting so big! We sure miss you guys. I bet you 20 bucks when she finally wants to start talking she will be speaking in sentences! Not that I can really say much, Eli barely speaks either but I fault his big sisters on that for talking for him! We are working with him and he is slowly starting to say more. It is a far cry from Faith though who started talking before she was a year. She hasn't stopped yet...sooooo, it might be a good thing she doesn't say much yet! =P Love you guys and hope all is well.