Friday, December 3, 2010

My Diet - Month 1

So maybe starting a new fertility diet during the holiday season wasn't my best idea ever. Although, it's not like we have a lot of holiday parties or dinners to go to around here. I digress. This post isn't about my lack of good judgement. This is about Month 1 of my new fertility diet. I have to say I did pretty lousy. For real. Here is a basic list of what I am supposed to be doing:

1. Taking these vitamins and herbs:
a. Prenatal vitamin - I am trying to use up my multi's before starting the prenatal. The book said to find a prenatal that you take 3 times per day, but I have not found one over the counter and I'm not going to get a script for one. They are expensive enough as it is.
b. Folic Acid - I added this one for personal reasons
c. Calcium - another one I added because my fertility type is supposed to stay away from dairy products.
d. Vitamin B1 - Another I added because a B1 deficiency has been linked to anovulation (my infertility problem).
e. Royal Jelly - I take this 3 times a day.
f. Wheatgrass - I take 5 of these in the morning.
g. Chromium
h. L-Arginine
i. Chaste Tree Berry - I am taking this in capsule form 3 times a day, but it also comes as a tincture. I don't know if there is a big difference and my book didn't specify which to use.
j. False Unicorn Root - This is a tincture that I stir into a small amount of water and drink.

I know that I take a lot of supplements every day, but this is a list that I am very comfortable with. Also, I didn't start them all on 1 day, though I was taking them all on November 1st. I took my time so I didn't inadvertently send my system into shock. I am very religious about taking all of my supplements every day. And I want to think I can tell a difference, but I just don't know. I have spent so much time analyzing every single feeling and twinge that I don't trust myself.

Another thing I do is drink hot tea 3 times a day. I mix my tea myself from a recipe in my book. The bad thing about it is that I can't find tea leaves that aren't in individual packets. I've looked at several stores including a health food store. So I've been getting the boxes with the packets, opening them all and mixing it in a plastic container. At first I didn't like the tea much. It's grown on me and I've been enjoying it much more.

I've also been eating flaxseeds. Flaxseeds are known to balance hormones and boost fertility. I eat 2 tablespoons every day. I just mix them up with my oatmeal in the morning. I buy them at the health food store and grind them up in my blender.

So I've done very good with everything that I've listed so far. The part that I'm not so good about is exercising and changing the way I eat. I didn't expect to be able to go into this 100%, but I really haven't done very good at all. I did good with the exercise the first week and then....well....not so much. I would give you a list of excuses, but the real reason is that I'm just lazy.

As for the other part of that, the changing the way I eat, I didn't do that bad until last week when I got sick. Since then it's kind of gone out the window. I am supposed to be eating 50% complex carbs, 30% vegetables and fruit and 20% proteins. It is so hard to judge that every day! I have been buying fruits and vegetables from the Farmer's Market and trying to find healthier recipes to use. There is also a list of things to try to stay away from including dairy and wheat. This is so much harder than I thought it would be. I am fine with not drinking milk or eating yogurt, but the cheese! Oh the cheese! I'm having a hard time living without cheese. And honestly, I'm not. I've ate enough cheese this week to kill my whole diet. Sigh. I'm going to be better about this.

Month 1 is over and I'm heading into Month 2 of the fertility diet. My number 1 goal for this month is to not go too crazy at our holiday party or on Christmas. I have to also start exercising and do better with what I'm eating. I know I can do this and my goal is to try the whole diet for 6 months. If things don't work out by then, Russ and I will re-evaluate and go from there. Here's to hoping for good things!!!


Kim said...

Good for you for doing all that you have done! Its one step at a time and of course, we will have days/weeks/month that we don't do so well. Don't beat yourself up, just keep trying! Its all about habits that are hard to break and breaking them takes time!

Courtney said...

Great update Lisa!! So proud of you. Getting started is always the hardest part and remember what the book says that 80 percent is perfection!! I can't wait to hear how you feel the changes you have made have changed your cycle in the next few months.

Melissa said...

You are definitely brave for dieting during the holidays! It sounds like you are doing great though. Sorry I haven't commented in awhile but I haven't been on the computer much in the past month or so. And I never said it, but I laughed at your laundry soap thread and how you thought we were strange! Don't worry, I thought the same thing at first too! =P

A Wife and a Teacher said...

Good luck! I have been reading about the fertility diet. I am thinking about buying the book. Please keep us updated on what you think about it. Praying it works!!!