Tuesday, February 23, 2010

She's such a hit!

Chloe Jo and I went to Tuesday Ladies this morning. It is so fun to take her because the other ladies just love her! I put her in this cute outfit this morning.

All the ladies comment on how well she keeps things on her head and that she keeps her shoes on. I've been putting bows and shoes on her since she was 5 days old so she is totally used to it and she knows I don't want her to take them off.

I just love how much they love her and she made great strides today. She really loves one particular lady and she crawled up to her and reached for her! If you don't know Chloe Jo in real life, she is usually super clingy to Momma and doesn't want anyone else to touch her. She then let another lady hold her! Woot Woot to big steps! She is growing up so fast.

My cake was a hit today too. I thought it turned out a little dry, but it tasted good so I am proud of it. I think I will try a few different recipes before I decide which one to do for Chloe Jo's birthday. I don't really know why I am putting this much effort into her cake. We aren't having a huge party. I'm only inviting immediate family. I guess it's just the (insert my maiden name here) in me! We always go beyond what is necessary.

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Melissa said...

That hat is just too adorable. And that was a huge step for her. Elijah is getting to the age where he isn't so sure about strangers. The girls went through it too right at a year. Wait, Faith is still like that, isn't she! lol

Wish I could go to Tuesday classes but with 3 little ones to try to watch over I just never thought it would work.