Sunday, February 7, 2010

In the bow-making business

Yesterday I went out to my Mom and Dad's house for the evening. Mom is in the process of making a thousand Valentine's Day cards (seriously, she makes tons) so I brought my ribbon and hot glue gun and made a few bows. I'm pretty happy with the way they turned out. Maybe I'll go into business and sell them on Etsy! Ok, I doubt it, but they are cute.And I had to try them on Chloe Jo. I didn't have a headband with me and her front hair is not long enough to put bows in, but she had tons of back hair.
Too cute! I do need to make her another bow holder if I'm going to keep this up.


Hollie said...

Your bows are super cute! I think they would be great on Etsy. And I love your headbands and flowers that you made a while back. You should go for it!

meisje said...

I love bows. I buy tons for Analena. I would buy yours.