Thursday, February 11, 2010

10 Months!

Chloe Jo turned 10 months old yesterday. How did that come so fast? I really can't believe how fast time goes anymore. Her first birthday (shouldn't it be her second since her actual birth day was a birthday?) is right around the corner and I've already made plans on how to make her cake and on inviting the family to come celebrate with us.
I just switched her up to 12 month clothes. She's such a little thing, though that she does still wear some of her 6-9 month clothes. I weighed her yesterday and my scale says she is 17 1/2 pounds and I measured her and she is 27 1/2 inches. She is still on her curve, but is small. She is eating more non-baby things, too. She loves ravioli, mac-n-cheese, french toast and yogurt. She also will eat refried beans and rice at Mexican restaurants. She doesn't like quesadillas, grilled cheese or most breads. She even will turn her head against cookies at times! And best of all, she LOVES chocolate ice cream. She'll eat other flavors, but she likes chocolate the best. Eating ice cream is a special treat that she gets when she sees Grampy (which really is at least 2 times a week, usually more). Grampy has been feeding her ice cream since she was a tiny little thing and it has been her favorite.

She is such a sweetie. As long as you are giving her attention, she is happy. She doesn't like it if she wants attention and you are doing other things! She wants full, undivided attention. On the other hand, she does play very well by herself. She has recently discovered the sliding glass door and loves to look outside. She also likes to lick the glass (ew). She never did start crawling normally. I guess the popped up leg is her normal. She pulls up on everything and is super curious. She is standing more and more every day and I am just waiting for her to take a step.
She is starting to look much more toddler-like than baby like lately. She absolutely loves bath time in the big tub now. I bought her a container of bath toys for Valentine's Day which I know she will love. She loves to give me kisses and she said Momma for the first time last Saturday. She looked at me when she said it so I know she has associated me with it.

Chloe Jo is such a joy in our lives. We love her so much and we love being able to be her parents. She is one of the greatest blessings we have ever recieved and we thank God every day for her.


Mainly a midwife said...

Wonderful. You are blessed. Babies are such a joy.

Ashley said...

She is just precious!! Hard to believe she is so "grown up" looking...not the teeny tiny little baby anymore. What are your big bday plans?? I need to start planning Katie's party!

Christina said...

She's so cute and she really is looking more toddler-like!

Annika would look like a little beast next to her probably! She's already in 6-9 month size clothes.

Mercedes said...

She is perfectly beautiful!