Monday, September 22, 2008

I'm Sad At You, Dr. House

So I was watching House the other night. I know, big surprise. A woman came to the hospital with urinary tract bleeding. Number 13 said that it could be endometriosis. Dr. House told her that was great and she could do a cystoscopy to check for endo. Just a few problems with this Dr. House.

1. Endometriosis doesn't cause urinary tract bleeding.
2. Endometriosis is not found by cystoscopy.
3. Endometriosis doesn't grow inside the urethra and bladder. It grows on the outside.

I could be wrong about every one of these things, but after having read two full books about infertility with chapters devoted to endometriosis and it's effects and after researching infertility online for months, I've never heard of endo inside the urethra and bladder or ever heard of checking for endo with a cystoscopy. I had to look up was a cystoscopy was. Please tell me if I'm wrong about this. Maybe Courtney can shed some light on this from her Endometriosis for Dummies book.

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Nikki said...

It is frustrating when TV shows present a wrong picture of some of the medical facts. Most people believe what they see on TV to be true, and therefore end up "minimizing" the actual disease to a trivial tiny level!

Like ALL IF cases end up happily with a baby! So not true. That's where people learn to say "Relax and it will happen"!