Monday, September 1, 2008

Yes, I am a Nerd

I was driving my Mom and Dad back to their car after eating out.

Me: "Please stay seated until the vehicle has come to a complete stop. The exits are here, here, and here. Please leave your seats and tray tables in their upright positions."

Dad: "Lisa, you can be a real nerd sometimes."

Me: "Wow, that was observant after 26 years."


Nikki said...

LOL - that was funny. BTW - Happy Birthday to you guys. Not sure of the dates but you'd mentioned both yours and Russ's birthdays are about now.

Miss Tori said...


I was reading some old posts on PAIF (was actually looking for Elcubana's birth story) and came across your post about trying to manage your weight gain during pregnancy.

I used to use the website to help me lose weight. The nice thing about it is that it can also be used for pregnant women to gain the proper amount of weight. You input in your starting weight (prior to pregnancy), and your height, and it will tell you what you caloric intake should be to maintain your weight. Then you will add 300 calories a day since you are pregnant.

This way, you are getting the additional nutrition and calories you need, without excess calories.

Best of luck! Oh, and happy birthday to you and Russ.

I Believe in Miracles said...

But a love-able nerd.