Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Help Please

Hi All!

I am having an issue with Blogger uploading my pictures. It says I have reached my Picasa storage limit and will not upload any more pictures for my blog unless I buy more storage. When I click on a link that says "learn more" it shows that I have 1 GB storage in Picasa and I am using 100% of it. But, it also says I have 5 GB in Drive and 10 GB in GMail that I am using 0% of. It also says that if I use all of my storage in Picasa, it will automatically start uploading photos in smaller size.

Can anyone explain why I am unable to upload any more photos if I have storage space in other places available or why it isn't uploading the pictures in a smaller size?


April said...

I think it is a glitch as I have that same problem and I know I have not used all my storage either. I know of another two bloggers having the same problem. I hope they fix it!! You can upload pics to Flickr and then copy and paste the html code from them into your blog.

Chelley N said...

I don't have an answer, but Blogger must have been busy over Thanksgiving break. I've seen a ton of blogs with this very question on them.

Janet said...

You are not the only one! If you find out how to fix this please post an update. Very frustrating!