Saturday, November 3, 2012

Etsy Shop Launch!

I've been trying really hard to promote my store since I opened it on Facebook!

I have also advertised on Craigslist and in the Tulsa newspaper.

Today, I finished getting my Etsy shop back in working order. I have 15 items listed right now and am planning on getting more done in the next week. I am trying to concentrate on the applique shirts because those are the items I think will sell the best.

I ordered some business cards and am excited to get them in the mail so I can set them out around our town.

Please help me out if you can and tell your friends about my shop!

Here are a few of the more recent things I have made for the shop:

Plastic bag sack. I'll have a post about these soon.

Fabric and Wooden Bead Necklace. I really love these, but haven't gotten many hits on them. Maybe I'm the only one?

The Lazy Tie Shirt. So adorable! I also think this would be cute with a matching skirt for a girl.

Gary the Monster Shirt. This may be one of my favorites!

I am so excited to get this idea up and running!

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