Thursday, November 1, 2012


When we first moved to Oklahoma, we were gifted with season passes to the zoo. We love going and it makes for an inexpensive, fun outing for all of us. Throughout the year, the zoo puts on several extra activities and HalloZOOween is one of them. We invited some friends and headed off on Monday.

I remembered to take some pictures of CJ in her costume before we left!

She was so excited to be a princess! You can see some of her sparkle makeup in this picture.

She was also so excited to be going trick-or-treating!

We didn't know how crowded it was going to be so we arrived early so we could be in the beginning of the line to get in. Here is the princess waiting to get into the zoo. It ended up turning chilly so she had to wear her jacket under her cloak.

Once we got in, the fun began. Many of the cities businesses set up trick-or-treat stations for the children and there were two very large play areas. Chloe Jo is pulling the sword from the stone in this picture. Just call her King Arthur!

CJ was so excited to meet some of the Disney Princess' that were there!
I'm so sad these pictures are so blurry! I'm just not a good photographer. :-(

Ariel and Chloe Jo

Belle and Chloe Jo
Extra sad about this picture. Belle is my favorite.

Chloe Jo and Snow White

Prince Charming was there, also, but Chloe Jo refused to have anything to do with him. Good girl.

There was a booth to color pumpkins. I had to, first, convince Chloe Jo to sit down and then she wanted me to draw the face. I should have known. She doesn't really care anything about coloring. She was happy with the pumpkin after it was done!

Or maybe she knows that Daddy is her Prince Charming right now. Love the Burger King crown there, Russ!

I think Chloe Jo had a mouth full of tootsie roll here and it was inhibiting her ability to smile. :-)

There were tons of games at the play areas. CJ enjoyed the bean bag toss. Her aim was somewhat lacking so she finally just walked up to the pumpkin and dropped the beanbag through the eye. Whatever works!

By far, CJ's favorite activity of the evening was this obstacle course tent. She must have gone through it a dozen times! She didn't even care much about the handful of candy she got at the end. You know it's a favorite when that happens!

Russ is already talking about going again next year so I guess that means it was a hit!

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