Monday, November 5, 2012


Chloe Jo is getting to the age where she loves to help...but only when she wants to. In light of this, I have been trying to find ways to help her want to help all of the time.

I had pinned several things on Pinterest about chores. There were a few pins about how to reward children who do their chores and a few about how to help them do them when they don't want to.

I eventually chose to make a chore chart. I felt that this way would yield the most benefit for Chloe Jo at the stage she is in now.

Chloe Jo's favorite color is pink so I knew I wanted to do the chart out of pink paper. I had some of the strawberry paper I used for her birthday party decorations left over so I decided to use that. I wanted her name and the words to pop so I chose a contrasting green paper for those. I got out my Cricut to cut the letters and I put the chart together.
 I ended up making it 12x24 after quickly realizing all the chores I had for her wouldn't fit on the 12x12 paper.

I had bought some magnetic strips to cut up to put on the front for the chores to stick to. Again, I quickly realized that wasn't going to work because the pieces had to be put together just right for them to stay. The chores kept falling off. I am now in the process of changing the magnets to velcro instead which is working much better so far. I did put strips of magnets on the back of the chore chart so it can hang on the refrigerator.

I took the chart and the chores to Office Depot and had everything laminated so it would last.

Even though I had troubleshooting problems, the chart turned out great and Chloe Jo loves moving the chores to the "done" side.

Here is a close-up of the chores I chose to put on the chart.

I, personally, am a believer in teaching responsibility to children when they are young. Productive children turn into productive adults and that is one of our goals as parents.


April said...

This is so awesome!

Janet said...

We have a similar chore chart at our house. Although, I'm not nearly as creative as you and mine is not as pretty! :-)

Allison said...

Love it!! And I agree with your philosophy.