Wednesday, March 9, 2011

About dogs

Our area has a dog problem.

I didn't used to be afraid of dogs. I've gotten that way since moving here.

Do you remember when 4 dogs charged at us? I'm still mad about that.

It doesn't seem to matter that I've called animal control several times and wrote an e-mail about dogs in our area. It's still a problem.

A couple of weeks ago, 5 dogs attacked a woman and killed her in our town. The owner of 2 of the dogs came out of his house and the dogs then attacked him. He had his leg amputated because of it.

Tonight I found out that a guy in the next town over was attacked by his pit bull when he had a seizure. The pit bull killed him.

There are several houses that I go by on my daily walks that have large dogs. I am so scared of them that I have started going to the other side of the road just to get further away from them. I hate it when they bark at me. I'm not even on their property and they find it necessary to act like I'm an intruder. Jerks. It's not like I'm marking their territory. I'm just walking. On the public sidewalk.

I'm completely freaked out about this dog problem.


Chelley N said...

I hate dogs.

Courtney said...

Does mace spray stop dogs? You should totally carry some sort of weapon. I know they sell Mace on a keychain. You've got to protect yourself here. OR, just a thought, my neighbor works for UPS and he carries dog treats in his pockets at all times. I know because my dogs love it when he comes over after work if he has some left over. THat might be a slightly more humane way of dealing with it. But I'm certainly not opposed to mace spray either! ha.

Mommy Earl said...

You need a good old fashioned walking stick and if the need arises it becomes a handy "whacking stick". That's what we used to do in Sumter when I lived sister and I always had one because there were big dogs loose everywhere in our neighborhood. Be careful.