Saturday, March 12, 2011

And We Have Participation!

Chloe Jo has been so great in Bible class this week! When we first moved here, I started teaching her and it was just her in class. Then I picked up a little 5 year old boy on Wednesday evenings. Since I had him, I offered to take a little 5 year old girl because at the time, there wasn't a class for her on Wednesday evening every time. I think having other children in the class has really helped Chloe Jo and this week her class participation has really blossomed!

Sunday morning, she happened to be the only one in class. At the beginning of class we always put a sticker on attendance charts and a Bible on our "I brought my Bible to class" chart. CJ loves stickers so she has participated in this since I began this class. After that is finished, we each say one thing we want to thank God for and have a prayer. CJ loves to thank God for stars, but Wednesday evening she wanted to thank Him for cars. Yes, they rhyme, but I am 100% positive that she said cars this time because one of our welcome songs is about coming to class in a car.

After we get through the Bible lesson and do our "All about the Bible" section, I hand out coloring sheets. CJ doesn't love coloring during class because she is so wrapped up in watching the other kids. She does like to color at home, though.

Once coloring is over, we sing songs until the end of class. Sunday morning, Chloe Jo requested "I'm in the Lord's Army" by standing up and marching! After we sang that, she wanted to sing "The Shrinking Song"! It was so cute when she shrank herself to tell me she wanted to sing that song!

I am so thrilled that she is participating and obviously LEARNING in Bible class! It makes me feel like I'm helping these children when they remember things from week to week.
This is a picture of Chloe Jo before Bible class on Wednesday evening. She couldn't stand the bracelet once we at the church building so that ended up coming off. And look at those pigtails all hanging down and stuff. Of course they decide to do that after I made a comment about them always sticking straight out!

If any of you want to know what the Lord's Army or Shrinking songs are, leave a comment and I will put a video up of Chloe Jo and I singing them and doing the motions.


Mercedes said...

I want to know what the shrinking song is!

Allison said...

Awww!!! Very sweet! :) That pic is ADORABLE!!!!