Monday, March 14, 2011

Happy Pi Day!

Hi guys! I hope your week is starting off well! Our Sunday was a bit of a bummer. Saturday evening after supper, Chloe Jo spiked a 102 degree fever. She had been fine all day and then bam! So I dosed her up with some tylenol and decided to not take her to Bible class and church services on Sunday. Sunday morning, her fever was gone, but she was still not acting like herself. Throughout the morning, she started being more normal and was fine by that afternoon. I thought it was so weird that the fever was only there Saturday evening so I talked to my Mom about it. She mentioned that it could be teething. Duh! And the Mother of the Year award goes to.....ME! I should have realized what it was! Anyway, since she was fine Sunday afternoon, we took her to church services in the evening and she has been fine since.

Today has turned out to be really busy for us! We went to the big town next door this morning. We had to go by the bank and then I wanted to stop by Hobby Lobby, Hamrick's and Kohl's. I had never been to Hamrick's before (hadn't even heard of it until we moved to this area) and I loved it! The women's clothes seemed a little "old" for me, but I did find a few things that I liked (only bought one). I originally went there to look at the hair bows and ended up buying a few of those. While I was there, Russ ran into Lifeway and found me a new Bible. I've been looking for a "pretty" Bible for a while. I wanted a King James or New King James version so that limited me. I love the one he picked out and am excited to start using it!

Anyway, this post was actually supposed to be about the following pictures. I kind of got carried away above!

I thought it would be fun to do a post of pictures of things I see when I'm walking around our neighborhood! So without further ado, here goes!

This has to be the best thing I get to see when I'm walking! When I take Chloe Jo with me, I let her pick out a couple of toys to take with her. Lately she has been choosing this kangaroo and joey. She loves that the pocket has a baby in it!
This is a local church building that I think is beautiful. We have several very old buildings around here and I love them! This one was built in 1908.
I love all of our enormous trees! I think the trunk of this one is interesting.
I heart the spring time when all the flowers bloom.
This is my paltry attempt at being a photographer. Heh.
What is growing on this tree? I think it looks really cool whatever it is.
This is the only dog in our neighborhood that I like. He's never in a fence or on a chain, but he's too lazy to bark at me or really do anything besides lay around.
Love this birdhouse.
This is another church building in our town. It is my favorite building here!
This barn thing is only old on this side, but it has so much character. It looks like there was a fire once so it has places that are burnt looking. It's just a neat building.
Gorgeous flowers are everywhere.
I even like these tiny purple ones.
This cinderblock "fence" is neat. Plus, it is one of the few that is in good shape around here.
One of our neighbors has a turkey. What an odd thing to have in your yard.
And another pretty tree.
And yet another tree.
And I love all the flags everywhere. This one is in my yard!

And that is what I see on my walks!

Have a great Monday, ya'll!

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Chelley N said...

Wow! You have some very pretty structures in your town!